Free Self-Defense Workshop

Saturday |  June 24, 2017  |  2pm-5pm
Open to Teens of All Genders
FREE (Donations welcome)

Registration opens mid-May!

We, at Hand to Hand, have seen intolerable actions encouraged following the recent election. We recognize that our friends, families, communities and ourselves may now be targets of overt and covert hate speech and actions.

In continuation of our thirty-seven year, to date, commitment to safety and positive social transformation, Hand to Hand offers free self defense and self-empowerment classes throughout this and the upcoming year. The focus of these classes will include learning to be allies to those in our community who may feel at risk, practicing de-escalation skills, expanding safety awareness, safe by-stander intervention strategies, and learning physical self defense techniques to implement if needed. Classes will be flexible in order to meet the needs of attendees and or specific community groups.

This three hour workshop, will take place on June 24th and will be open to Teens of all Genders. Registration opens mid-May*. If you feel unsafe and would benefit from participation in a class at this time, please register. Join us in creating a community and a world for all people to feel valued, respected, and safe.

In Gratitude,
Sifu Sonya Richardson
Head Instructor, Hand to Hand Kajukenbo • Self Defense Center

* Note: Additional workshops are being planned for August 12, 2017.