Hand to Hand Kajukenbo

Hand to Hand empowers and positively transforms individuals and communities to create a peaceful and just society through martial arts and self defense.

About Hand to Hand

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photo by Catrina Marchetti

Hand to Hand provides traditional martial arts training and self-defense classes. The center was founded in 1980 by Professor Coleen Gragen and remains under the leadership of Chief Instructor Sonya Richardson. We teach adults of all genders and are affiliated with the Kajukenbo Association of America.The Martial Arts Program provides training in the eclectic art of Kajukenbo. Students of this art develop excellent body conditioning, power, balance, and fluidity of movement. Training at Hand to Hand includes the study of basic techniques, traditional forms, fighting strategy, practical self defense, and weapons practice.The rigorous training is conducted in a supportive environment, where personal integration of the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of the art is emphasized. Ancient and modern training methods are combined towards reaching the goals of integration of mind, body, and spirit and practical self-defense preparation.

Photo by Catrina Marchetti

Beginners Classes

The next Martial Arts Beginners Series starts on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 and runs for four weeks.
Sliding scale $35-$150.

Interested in martial arts or in exploring a new martial art? Come try out our beginners classes in the eclectic art of Kajukenbo. This class is appropriate for those who have never trained in a martial art before or do not have rank in Kajukenbo.

We offer our Beginners Series four times per year.  In 2017, the classes will begin on April 11, July 11, and October 3.

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Elbow Strike (Level II SD)

Free Founder’s Day Weekend Self-Defense Workshops

Middle and High school Girls: Saturday, October 21st from 1-4 pm (donations welcomed) 

*Women: Sunday, October 22nd from 2-5 pm (donations welcomed) 

Our founder, Coleen Gragen, began teaching self-defense at Hand to Hand over 35 years ago so that women and girls could learn to assess potentially unsafe situations in order to interrupt harassment, intimidation and violence.  In her honor, we are offering free (donations accepted) self-defense workshops this October. No prior experience necessary. [More info...]

** Women’s Self-Defense classes are open to all female-identified students. We will also have classes open to all genders and classes reserved for male-identified students only. Please email our director at selfdefense@handtohandkajukenbo.com for more information.