New Students

New Student Information

Beginners class starts June 4, 2024. Contact us at [email protected] for more information or register here.

White and orange belts doing bottom fist strikes

photo by Catrina Marchetti

I’d like to train at Hand to Hand. When can I start?

Hand to Hand offers an introductory martial arts course each trimester.  Our upcoming spring series will take place beginning June 4.  This class is appropriate for those who have never trained in a martial art before or do not have rank in Kajukenbo. Those who have experience in other arts should also start with this class in order to learn the basic techniques and forms of this system. People with significant experience in other martial arts often advance more quickly than those who are new to this type of training, but we believe it is important for all new students to get a solid background in Kajukenbo techniques and philosophy. Your instructor will ask about your previous experience.

COVID safety policies

Masks are currently optional when training indoors. We do not require vaccination but we strongly recommend that you keep up with the most recent booster in order to keep us all safe.

When are classes for beginners?

A 4-week beginners series will be taught June 4 to June 27, 2024.  Classes are 6-8PM Tuesday and Thursday. Future series will be scheduled each year in the months of February, June, and October. Check the homepage periodically for updates.

The introductory class costs $65 – $150 and includes a free Hand to Hand t-shirt. Thereafter, dues are  $65 – $150/month for unlimited classes. All dues and fees are structured on a sliding scale (students decide for themselves where they fall on the scale).

Sparring: Simultaneous kicks.

photo by Catrina Marchet

When and how do I pay for the beginners class?

You can pay with cash or check at the first class, or you can pay online here.

Who teaches the beginners class?

You will have a well qualified Kajukenbo brown or black belt teaching your beginners class. Your main instructor will probably be assisted by one or more higher ranking students who have years of training at Hand to Hand.

Students doing bottom kempo punches

photo by Catrina Marchetti

How much does it cost to continue training after the beginners series ends?

We are a membership based organization. For  $65 – $150 per month (sliding scale) students may attend as many classes as they are qualified for. The cost is not based on how many classes you attend. There are no contracts; however, all students must pay fully for each month to maintain their membership privileges. This includes times when the student is on vacation or out of town. For more information, please see our Dues Policy.

For more information please contact us.