May 2024 – August 2024

Masks are optional for indoor training, vaccination is strongly recommended for all in person classes. (Please refer to the updated COVID policy, 7/20/23 – sent on 7/23/23).

In-person Tai Chi: Sifu Ari
1st Monday of each month (5/06/2024, 6/3/2024, 7/01/2024, 8/5/2024)
Online Arnis: Sifu Ann Kileen
dates TBD
6 – 7pm May – Jun: All Levels: Sparring
Jul – Aug: All Levels: Basics/Forms
7 – 8pm May – Jun: White – Blue belts: Basics/Forms
May – Jun: Green – Black: PA/GA/Repetitions
Jul – Aug: White – Blue belts: PA/GA/Repetitions
Jul – Aug: Green – Black: Basics/Forms
8 – 8:30pm May – Jun: Arnis
Jul – Aug: Tai Chi
8 – 8:30am
6 – 7pm May – Jun: All Levels: Basics/Forms
Jul – Aug: All Levels: Sparring
7 – 8pm May – Jun: White – Blue belts: PA/GA/Repetitions
May – Jun: Green – Black: Basics/Forms
Jul – Aug: White – Blue belts: Basics/Forms
Jul – Aug: Green – Black: PA/GA/Repetitions
8 – 8:30pm May – Jun: Tai Chi
Jul – Aug: Open Training
9 – 10am All Levels: rotation
10 – 11am Green – Black
White – Blue belts
11am Staff class
*Saturday classes at Berkeley Marina unless raining, rainy days at H2H

Special Events

  • Level 1 Self Defense: January 24, 2024 6pm to 8:30pm:
    In a highly supportive environment, students will practice ways to defend themselves when confronted with dangerous situations. This class will cover the basics of Empowerment Self Defense (ESD): Awareness, Assertiveness, Technique and Recovery. This class is appropriate for all levels, including those with no previous experience with self defense.
  • KAA workout: January 28, 2024: Juarez Kajukenbo
  • Level 2 Self Defense: February 07, 2024 6pm to 8:30pm:
    This class will provide an opportunity to take a deeper dive into each of the four areas of ESD. We will work with scenarios that include weapons, some ground defense work and defense against multiple attackers. This class is designed for folks that have some previous self defense training and will be a great fit for those with many years of experience, too!