Self Defense

photo by Catrina Marchetti

photo by Catrina Marchetti

As one of the oldest continuously operating self-defense training centers in the United States, Hand to Hand is a supportive and professional environment for learning skills that enable anyone to live more safely. We specialize in practical, comprehensive women’s* self defense that relies on effective physical, verbal, and emotional strategies.

In a highly supportive environment, students learn to protect themselves from invasive and dangerous situations including physical assault. They will gain insight into the complexities of violence in our culture and become aware of how we are all impacted by sexism, racism, and gender oppression, regardless of our personal identities. Hand to Hand classes explore the links between personal safety and community wellness because seeing this connection provides an opportunity for healing and encourages every individual to walk fearlessly in their lives.

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*This series is open to anyone who is marginalized on the basis of gender presentation regardless of gender identity. We also have additional classes open to all genders and male-identified students. Please email our director at for more information.