Women’s Self Defense Intensive

Elbow Strike (Level II SD)In the Level II – Women’s* Self-Defense Intensive, participants learn how to assess situations, drill techniques, and practice responses to intense and dangerous confrontations. We will review basic Level I skills, and then focus on escaping from pins and grabs, dealing with weapons, fighting from the ground, and multiple attackers.

Our goal is to create an environment where students can face, work with, and begin healing their fear of violence. The verbal, physical and emotional skills practices are designed to empower women to create more options for themselves and make choices that keep them safer in the world.

Registration will open once dates for 2018 are confirmed!

Fee:  Sliding scale $150 – $275

Dates:  Four consecutive Mondays – To Be Determined

Time:  6:30pm – 9:00pm (10 hours total)

Completion of Level I Self-Defense Series or previous self-defense experience highly recommended.

* Women’s Level I & II classes are open to all female-identified students. We also have classes open to all genders and classes reserved for male-identified students only. Please email our director at selfdefense@handtohandkajukenbo.com for more information.